Radio XLIII, side B, track 4: „Poison“ by Alice Cooper

Einfach Genial

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

Alice Cooper - PoisonOh, Alice Cooper, of COURSE I recorded this one again!  The great thing about the Phaser Countdown 5 was that if you fell in love with a popular song, and you wanted to record it more than once, and it was a week night, and you didn’t have a driver’s license so you couldn’t go anywhere, and you were obsessed with recording music off the radio, well then, Alice Cooper, you had a pretty good chance of knowing that your song was going to be on at a certain time every night.  I’m pretty sure the Phaser Countdown 5 was at 8 PM every night.  Maybe it was 9, but I feel pretty confident that 8 seems like a more reasonable time since my radio station clearly catered to kids around my age and 9 was probably pushing it just a little.  But yeah, Alice Cooper, here you were…

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