Radio XLIV, side A, track 1: „Lay Down Your Arms“ by The Graces


Mixed Tape Masterpiece

The Graces - Lay Down Your ArmsOh, The Graces, you probably didn’t know this, but this song marks my thousandth post on Mixed Tape Masterpiece!  And just in time for Thanksgiving!  Totally not planned, The Graces, but what better way to celebrate the holiday and a thousand posts than by starting off a brand new (relatively speaking, of course) tape and a song that I’d totally forgotten about but that I’m now back in love with after hearing it again so many years after I taped it off the radio.  Seriously, The Graces, this is a timeless piece of pop goodness right here, because if you’d have told me that this was a brand new song that had just been released yesterday, I’d totally believe you.  I can’t believe I forgot this one, and I’m kinda surprised I only recorded this one once (I’m assuming), because it’s got a lot of things in it that I…

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